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Blue Investment Holding Limited, is part of an extremely diverse Group of Organizations whom have widened the scope of the company’s capabilities since its inception. This dynamic Group is dedicated to delivering the most reliable service solution best tailored to our groups specific needs.

Our Group

  • Blue Energy Enterprises LLC: Commodity Trading and Energy related Projects
  • Blue Diamonds Quarries LLC: Construction, Lumber and Aggregate
  • Blue Agri-Group Ltd: Agriculture, Processing and Packaging
  • Blue Investment Holding Limited: Regional & International Principle Facilitator for Investors and Companies
  • Blue Logistic Services LLC
  • Blue Real Estate Enterprises LLC
  • Blue Lagoon Trinity Trading LLC
  • Blue Child Foundation Inc


Domestic, Regional, International and Principle Facilitator for our Group of Companies, seeking project financing, grant funding, other financial services, agriculture, real estate and construction.

Technical Expertise through Modern Technology

Assists our group in selecting and obtaining the best financing solution for their needs, including tailored lender negotiations, deal structuring and technical guidance through our close network to the most technologically advanced manufacturers, advanced financial facilitators, legal team, contractors, agronomist and traders worldwide.

Financial Restructuring and Solutions

Provide key advice on low interests’ debt consolidation, lender negotiations, and cost optimization.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Assessing business value, support buyers/sellers in negotiations & providing due diligence services.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Provide financial modelling & financial engineering, project vitality analyses, & capital raising initiatives.

Investment & Risk Management

Provide enterprise risk management solutions in operational, market, strategic, & other risk drivers.