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Blue Investment Holding Limited (BIHL) has evolved into a multi-faceted sophisticated company staffed with a team of experienced and efficient professionals in their respective fields that is capable of providing an abundance of Knowledge and Service. BIHL is engaged in providing its expertise and relationships to enable our group of companies to attain their financial, technical and commodity needs. BIHL has a large network of institutions and affiliates worldwide. BIHL also engages in humanitarian projects and grant funding for our group. As a result of the aforementioned, these services we provide to our group fuel their efficiency by providing cost-effective solutions that prove invaluable when time is of most importance.

Our Vision

To be the premier Financial and Technical Principle Facilitator worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide a Complete “One-Stop Shop” facilitator for all Issues relating to Financial Advisory, Construction, Agriculture, Energy and Investment Services.


Blue Investment Holding Limited is adept at handling a wide range of services as outlined above. This is as a direct result of our Core Values which focus heavily on the essential role of our human resource and on the indispensable function of “Bringing Excellence to our Blue Group of Companies and Various Stakeholders Globally”. The following is just some of the reasons we are who we are and why we deliver what we promise:

  • Highly experienced Management Team and Certified Professionals in their respective disciplines
  • Expertise in U.S.A, Canada, Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean regions
  • Global Network with various Industry Professionals and Affiliates


Blue Investment Holding Limited (BIHL) has leveraged its network of various internationally recognized institutions in order to provide BIHL’s clients with the best solutions for their organizational needs. For example, BIHL is the Caribbean and Latin America Authorized Representative to Sterling Energy and Trading Co., Inc. (SETCO) which is a United States Hedge Fund company and brain-child of Robert M. Murphy., former Vice-Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and presently the Chairman of SETCO. As such, SETCO specifically generates capital appreciation based on trading strategies, high finance disciplines along with the highest level bank, private equity and investment house relationships that have been developed with over 75 years of combined experience. With a wide spectrum of technical expertise and project management capabilities, BIHL’s team provides extended value by project fund raising, risk assessment, comprehensive feasibility studies for projects spanning in various industries. BIHL has since formed a strategic alliance with Mercando Green Technology AG,  for humanitarian projects and grant funding. Through this alliance we can assist with turn-key Healthcare Facilities, Airport Construction, Alternate Energy Projects, Port and Marina Construction, and Agricultural Projects.